Friday, November 6, 2009

Book Release!

My children’s picture book, Gingerbread from the Heart, has been released!
It is a holiday book about the excitement of children making gingerbread houses for their grandmother. There’s a crooked graham cracker house, a crazy beach hut, and a nearly perfect fairy tale house with a cookie roof. Each has its own charm, but the question is, which one will grandmother like best?

Illustrated by Missoula, Montana artist, Misty Danyo, a graduate from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, the book is filled with whimsy and rich color.
Available in hardcover or softcover, the book can be purchased at my website, or online at or Barnes and Noble.
If you order the book directly from me it will be signed and can be personalized at your request for gift giving.
Also on the website, you will find recipes and tips on how to make gingerbread houses, plus a coloring page for kids. Sign up for the mailing list and I will email you a 3D paper gingerbread house to print out, color and assemble.
Visit and view the video on making gingerbread houses!
Share the joy of gingerbread!

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